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Find out more about our amazing Wonder Weekend event at Trinity Shopping Centre Leeds.
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Wonder Weekend


05.11.16 – 06.11.16

Our Wonder Weekend at Trinity Leeds saw a weekend of endless entertainment leading up to the launch of Europe’s’ largest kissing Christmas Tree which illuminates as two people kiss beneath it.

The Event

We pulled together a jam packed show to kick off the light switch on which included a Contortionist, Break Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, The Revelation Choir and Ballet Dancers before the big finale.


So, we eased into Wonder Weekend with a spot of Morning Yoga before waking Trinity up properly with our entertainment which included: Glowbot, The Gorgeous Girls, Bare Brass Band, Contortionist, Man in a Box, Bubble Man, Slinky Man, Steel Band, Ballroom Dancers, Tick Tock Unlock, Ping Pong, Champagne Pong, The Batmobile and more!


Since we don’t do things by halves, we designed and manufactured an 8 foot tall “WONDER” sign giving each letter it’s own design and filled the “O” with hundreds of sweets for passers by to grab. To make sure everyone knew where to go and check out our entertainment pop ups, we installed festival signs at all 5 entrances to direct them. Just to top off the weekend and give everyone an extra few treats, we created market stalls to host our pop up treat stalls from which we gave out 40,000 treats of toffee apples, mince pies, mulled apple cider, candy canes, lip balms, sweet and a pop up cocktail bar!


To allow guests to take a break from the craziness of the entertainment, we took over a screen at Everyman Cinema to create our Slumber Cinema. With Christmas films playing, the guests snuggled up with their throws and Trinity slippers and got in the Christmas spirit.


It truly was a Wonderful Weekend…

So, what did you think?