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Find out more about our amazing event, the Mh Fashion Express.
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22.07.13 – 23.07.13

On an early morning tram heading from Meadowhall Shopping Centre to Sheffield Centre, we did what we do best and staged a high fashion show showcasing all of Meadowhalls finest to dazzle the early morning travellers with a fashion extravaganza. Along the way, we picked up some of our favourite local fashion and lifestyle bloggers, members of the press, VIP’s and let them join our Fashion Express Catwalk Show.

The Event

Passengers were delighted to get a first look into the newest styles and trends from Meadowhall, all whilst on their morning commute to work! It definitely gave them something to talk about in the morning meeting…


In true Chilled style, putting on a fashion show on a moving tram was simply not enough so we decided to take high fashion a little more literally…


We took our models, lights, photographers, the whole shebang to the roof of Meadowhall centre bringing a new meaning to the word high fashion for an impromptu full high fashion photo shoot, flanked by the famous Meadowhall dome.


From a fashion show on a tram filled with travellers, bloggers and VIP’s, to a high fashion photo shoot on the roof of Meadowhall centre, we made sure the people of Sheffield saw the best Meadowhall had to offer from every angle.

So, what did you think?