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Find out more about our amazing event, Le Tour De France: Welcome to Yorkshire.
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Le Toure De France: Welcome To Yorkshire


05.07.14 – 06.07.14

2014 saw the arrival of one of the biggest worldwide sporting events, The Tour De France, make it’s way into Yorkshire for the very first time. The 3 week event held Stage one, known as the Grand Depart in Leeds and we got the epic opportunity to work with Welcome To Yorkshire to bring this internationally renowned event to Yorkshire.

The Event

We picked up our promo team and took over Leeds for 2 months with our merchandise pop up shops around the city. We spent a month in Meadowhall and 6 weeks in Trinity with our pop up shops selling all things Tour De France to the people of Yorkshire.


On the weekend of the tour, the city shut down the roads for the race so we set up our hot spot hubs around the city to give the guests a full viewing experience. We sold the official merchandise, cooked up a storm of streetfood and set up screens to allow people to kick back, eat and watch the race on the big screen. With all main roads shut down, the team lived out of the van at the hubs around the city for the weekend


As the biggest international event brought to Yorkshire, it was a huge success that brought tourism in the numbers of 1.5 million and many local businesses in the area saw an increase in profits. We’re proud to say that 2 years on, Yorkshire is still feeling all the positive impacts that this event brought.

So, what did you think?