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Find out more about the 2015 Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour .
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@Broadgate London

17.07.19 – 26.07.19

The people of Broadgate were invited to navigate a series of interview questions determining their potential for a career in the Artificial Intelligence Service: AI6. Hosted in a temporary research base at The Space, 3FA, Broadgate welcomed London’s toughest Artificial Intelligence interviewer, Alistair, to examine how AI can trigger, read and respond to human emotions.

The Event

The experience fused state-of-the-art emotion tracking with interactive storytelling to explore what it takes to become an undercover agent. Working alongside the research team from Royal Holloway UoL and the project developers from StoryFutures, we donned our spy skits and ensued the two-week pop-up ran smoothly, guiding visitors through the experience and tracking their skills under pressure as compared to previous participants on the live leaderboard.

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